Sustainability in fashion

"We just can't consume our way to a more sustainable world."

Every effort counts.


At Styleyn, we understand the importance of the impact our actions have on the world around us. Yes, shopping makes you happy, and unwrapping a new item is satisfactory, but you also need to be conscious about how you use what you have. We do our part by taking the initiative to reduce the amount of waste we generate, as well as use healthier materials.

Making these changes is easier now than ever before, with technology and global connectivity. It benefits us as a company, since we can use lesser, better quality materials, and helps you live a greener lifestyle, with proven positive benefits to mood, health, and lifestyle.

The Latest In Style

Sustainable fashion is constantly connected to the term "slow fashion," but we'll prove that you can have the latest trends while still being sustainable and using eco-friendly materials. Our collections will go from providing 40% sustainable, 60% fast fashion garments made ethically, to being 100% sustainable.

With adequate research and skilled designers, trickle up and well as trickle down trends can be merged to provide customers with a collection of styles that cover all aspects of the fashion industry's interests at a given time.The execution of these designs can still be done with minimum resources and natural fabrics or dyeing processes, making our brand an example for both fast fashion and sustainable brands to follow.

Collections Made With Love

Sustainable materials, healthy processes, hand-crafted designs, and lots of love- we take every step to make sure we provide the best, and more, to our customers.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is garment design, production, and distribution that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. In the most ideal sense, it benefits those working along the supply chain and creates a better future for everyone- not just for those at the top. Keeping such things in mind, we maintain transparency, pay our tailor minimum wage, and follow certified processes and fabric sourcing.

Thrifting With Us

There are literally tens of millions of pounds worth of clothes sitting dormant in people's wardrobes. Introduced to provide benefits to customers and keep them in a cycle of sustainable fashion, thrifting has become a popular way of actively recycling garments. We will provide monetary amounts or voucher coupons for the garments that are being returned to us.

Customers can buy used garments in great condition for a lower cost similar to Instagram thrift stores, with guaranteed quality and sizing checks. Garments that are brought back to the company can be deconstructed and reused- garments, trims, etc.

This helps us increase conscious consumerism and ensure minimum wastage of resources, keeping longtime customers, while at the same time supporting the ethical values of the brand.

Know More

The more vibrant the fashion industry appears, the darker its truths are, and this casts an ugly shadow over the entire globe. However, we are here to plant the seeds of fair trade and sustainability in the fashion industry so that our planet can be treated fairly and be protected from the destructive effects of fast fashion. We frequently receive questions on how our brand hopes to reshape the fashion industry. To ensure clarity to every one of your doubts,