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Fit Bloke Pants
Rohit Kumar

Fit Bloke Pants

Fit Bloke Pants
Anirudh J

What sets these pants apart is their ability to seamlessly transition between formal and casual. The design is smart and stylish, perfect for a more formal occasion, but at the same time, they maintain a relaxed vibe that's ideal for casual outings

Fit Bloke Pants
Arvind Raghav
Love my new pants!

Incredibly comfortable with a great feel. Perfect for any occasion. Highly recommend!"

From the moment I put on these pants, I was impressed. The fabric is not only soft but also has the right amount of stretch, providing unmatched comfort.

Quality Fabric

Both the shirt and pants boast high-quality fabric, ensuring a comfortable and breathable experience. The soft feel against the skin adds to the overall satisfaction of wearing this combo. Enjoy style without compromising on comfort.

Versatility Redefined

Embrace versatility with this shirt and pant combo that effortlessly transitions from casual to semi-formal occasions.

Stylish Ease for Any Day

The super soft, stretchy fabric ensures a comfortable fit without compromising style. Whether it's a busy workday or a casual outing, these pants offer the perfect blend of style and ease, making them a go-to choice for any day.

Fabric and Fitting

I have no words how good the Fit Bloke Pant is, it gives you 90s Elegant Look like Old Money Aesthetic.
I would surely Recommend to my Friends and Family but won't, I don't want them to look cool as me 😂

Flex Work Shirt
Govind patil
Impressed with Quality

I've tried many shirts, but this one stands out for its exceptional fit and quality.

Moonstruck Shirt
Manav Sharma
Grate product

This men's shirt exceeded my expectations! The quality of the fabric is outstanding, providing both comfort and durability

Fit Bloke Pants
Sandesh Gawade
Comfortable and stylish

Very comfortable pant and good cloth as well
Can be used as casual and formal

perfect blend of style and comfort

Moonstruck Shirt
Somil sharma
Good Fit

The fit of this shirt is just right, not too tight or too loose.

Relaxed Meta Pants
Pratik Paul
Perfect fit

These pants are stylish and suitable for both work and casual we

Fit Bloke Pants
Govind Kale
Must Buy

The fit is perfect, and the material feels high quality.


The clothes are comfortable and flattering, making me feel confident whenever I wear them.

Cuban Collared
aman malhotra
Great fit

Well fitted product and great quality

These pants are the best! I can't stop wearing them. They're so easy-going and comfy.

Wave Polo
Manav M
T-shirt that lasts

Not only does this T-shirt look great, but it also holds up well to regular wear and washing. Its durability ensures that it remains a staple in your wardrobe for a long time.

Wave Polo
Advait B
T-shirt You'll Love

I recently purchased this fantastic t-shirt, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with its quality and comfort.

Quality superb

quality fabric n stiching is very good .just like brand name it carries style.price should be 1200_1300 max


Satisfied. But looking forward for more color options. Thank you

Good Quality

I'm impressed with the quality of the knitwear. It has held up well after several washes, and I haven't noticed any pilling or fading. The stitching is sturdy, and it seems to be a durable set that will last for a long time.

Fit Bloke Pants
Vicky Singh



Love the extra pockets, but they run a bit small. Consider sizing up.