Styleyn is a fashion brand aiming to provide sustainable and high-quality products by Pro Styleyn Clothing Private Limited. The brand focuses on sustainability, craftsmanship, ethics and inclusivity, offering a wide range of sizes from XS to 5XL. Styleyn aims to make fashion accessible and eco-friendly by using organic materials and ethical practices, ensuring transparency, fair wages, and minimal environmental impact. We merge fast fashion trends with sustainable methods, promoting confidence and individuality through unique, high-quality designs at affordable prices. This blend of eco-friendliness, ethical production, and inclusivity makes Styleyn unique.

We are a team of young, passionate, and creative minds working together to create unique ideas. We at Styleyn aim at making your shopping experience more easy and delightful. Styleyn was founded by a group of like-minded fashion enthusiasts determined to deliver to shoppers worldwide their favourite styles in affordable prices, sustainable fabrics and ethical practices so that everyone can step out in style.

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Our brand name, Styleyn, was initially conceived by combining 'Style' and 'India,' reflecting our commitment to stylish, Indian-made fashion. The name evolved further to represent 'Style Your Nakedness,' highlighting our mission to provide elegant and inclusive fashion for everyone. To know more about the brand name click here

We’re transparent

Sustainable - Sustainability, ethical fashion, circular production- we hear these words so often, but what do they mean? Styleyn can not only explain them to you, but show our implementation of these in our company as a part of our environment friendly efforts.

At Styleyn, we understand the importance of the impact our actions have on the world around us. Yes, shopping makes you happy, and unwrapping a new item is satisfactory, but you also need to be conscious about how you use what you have. We do our part by taking the initiative to reduce the amount of waste we generate, as well as use healthier materials. Making these changes is easier now than ever before, with technology and global connectivity. It benefits us as a company, since we can use lesser, better quality materials, and helps you live a greener lifestyle, with proven positive benefits to mood, health, and lifestyle.

Sustainable fashion is constantly connected to the term "slow fashion," but we'll prove that you can have the latest trends while still being sustainable and using eco-friendly materials. Our collections will go from providing 50% sustainability through using sustainable materials and practices + 50% fast fashion garments made ethically and keeping ethics as our overall goal throughout the processes and in the back end procedures, to being 100% transparent.

With adequate research and skilled designers, trickle up and well as trickle down trends can be merged to provide customers with a collection of styles that cover all aspects of the fashion industry's interests at a given time.The execution of these designs can still be done with minimum resources and natural fabrics or dyeing processes, making our brand an example for both fast fashion and sustainable brands to follow.

Our move towards sustainability - We have taken a big leap by changing our main processes and products. Here among an increase in the use of more sustainable fibres to using more eco-friendly printing methods and creating efficient waste management in our value chain. All year round, fashionable apparel. We pay attention to detail, making sure every item is durable and finished to perfection. All our cotton is completely organic (GOTS Certified), and our fabrics ethically manufactured.

Ethical -

Morals we carry play a large part in how we set goals and the process in which we achieve them. Come read about how we hope to create a community with fashion based on strength and compassion. Ethical fashion is garment design, production, and distribution that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. In the most ideal sense, it benefits those working along the supply chain and creates a better future for everyone- not just for those at the top. Keeping such things in mind, we maintain transparency, pay our tailor minimum wage, and follow certified processes and fabric sourcing.

Respect - No more worker exploitation: Ensuring fair wages and respect in our Brand. We're committed to fair wages and respect for all workers. From fair compensation to safe working conditions, transparency, and empowerment, we prioritize ethical practices.Together, we're building a brand that stands for integrity and fairness. Join us in making a difference.

Size Inclusive - Experience fashion that celebrates every body type with Styleyn. Our mission is to offer inclusive designs that embrace diversity and empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. From size-inclusive collections to styles that flatter a variety of body shapes, we prioritize inclusivity at every step. Join us in embracing diversity and redefining beauty standards one garment at a time.

The more vibrant the fashion industry appears, the darker its truths are, and this casts an ugly shadow over the entire globe. However, we are here to plant the seeds of fair trade and sustainability in the fashion industry so that our planet can be treated fairly and be protected from the destructive effects of fast fashion. We frequently receive questions on how our brand hopes to reshape the fashion industry. To ensure clarity to every one of your doubts,

About The Team

The teams at Styleyn work diligently to create impressive collections with unique takes on current trends. In an environment that is open-minded and motivated, we work on building designs inspired by various styles and maintain quality in our materials. With many obstacles comes the satisfaction of overcoming each one, and by working on hand designed collections from building blocks of fabric samples and digital illustrations, our work culture provides the perfect place to create clothing that we trust our customers will love.

Our brand would like to carry forward their messages of determination, style, awareness, and creativity from our place of inspiration to your homes.

"Advancing in the field of fashion with unique designs and a brand name that's appreciated by many is just one of the challenging goals this company has set for itself. Our teams vow to design collections that deliver high standards of material, quality, and durability that keep up with all the latest trends. With our joint efforts in sustainability and thrifting, we hope to set an example that bridges the gap between fast fashion and sustainable fashion, and to be a glowing example of the future of the fashion industry, starting with our 100% Made in India products at Styleyn."

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We aim to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves, become confident, embrace their individuality, and always step out in style. Our vision is to make fashion easily accessible to all at affordable prices. We invite you to browse our site and find the right fashion pieces you’ve been looking for.

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"Styleyn provides an immersive experience in the advancing world of circular fashion by bringing superior concepts to the shelves and building an ecosystem with innovation and customer satisfaction at the core ."